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Lloyd District Master Plan

The Lloyd District sits directly across the Willamette River from the city center and is a primarily commercial neighborhood. Amongst the tangle of highways, rail lines, a broken grid, and superblocks sits many over-scaled buildings including two sports arenas (the Memorial Colosseum and the Moda Center), the convention center, and the 18 block Lloyd Center Mall—a truly suburban development. While the numerous high-rise office towers bring people in during the day through the well connected transit lines, very few people actually live here. The lack of residential development and the inward facing design of the mall creates an area with higher crime rates. Bringing more people to safe, walkable streets, adding more residents, and giving the district an urban identity is the key to its successful redevelopment.

This project envisions the Lloyd District as becoming an ideal place to live, work, and travel within the city of Portland. To this end, a set of objectives were set forth to address and improve upon the existing conditions. These include: break up the superblocks and reintroduce the grid where needed; decrease the scale in areas prime for residential development; enhance existing public transit and multimodal connections; increase public spaces and parks; remove the Lloyd Center Mall to allow for more public space and residential development; tunnel the I-5 and cap the I-84 in the southern extension to increase connectivity; tunnel heavy-rail lines and convert the Steel Bridge rail deck to a bike path; and develop the riverfront with two distinct districts: a residential district and an entertainment district.