Hannah Pempus
Hannah Pempus Marketing


Design & marketing for brands, publications, and people.


Hannah Pempus

As a marketer and visual designer, I specialize in managing graphic implementations of client marketing materials including the planning, estimating, execution, and tracking of deliverables. I manage global teams and work with national brands to help them maximize their local marketing through ad software tailored to brand compliant print and digital campaigns that scale.

With a background in architecture, I bring to the table strong graphic storytelling skills. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree from Miami University and then journeyed to the west coast to conquer a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon. After working in the architectural profession, I pivoted to find a renewed connection to my creativity in marketing.

My creative approach—to work, art, and life—is to practice mindfulness. I iterate and refine, creating meaningful and memorable output through thoughtful intentionality. Returning to my roots in Cleveland, I work as a freelance marketing consultant as well as the Senior Graphic Project Coordinator at BrandMuscle. I am always interested in a challenge, so please reach out to hannahpempus@gmail.com to connect!